Custom Earplugs and Earpieces

EAR Audiology is a leading provider of custom earplugs and earpieces in San Diego County. Whether it's for hearing protection, comfort, or to keep water out of your ears, we can create custom devices that meet your needs. Contact EAR Audiology to schedule a free consultation.

Musicians and Concertgoers

Westone ES3 In-ear Monitors

How loud is too loud? Prolonged exposure to any noise above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. What does that mean? If you are in a situation where you have to shout for someone to hear you at an arm's length away, then you should be wearing hearing protection! Have you ever noticed ringing in your ears after spending time in a noisy environment? That ringing is called tinnitus and can be a symptom of damage caused by loud noise exposure. Concerts, nightclubs, bars, and parties can be so loud that they cause tinnitus and permanent hearing loss.

The obvious solution is to use hearing protection when you're in these noisy environments. Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all ear plugs can be uncomfortable and unattractive, and they can make it difficult to hear the music. EAR Audiology provides custom, discrete earplugs made to fit your ears and in your choice of color(s). These custom earplugs allow you to hear accurately but at a safer volume. Ask about custom Westone earbuds and in-ear monitors, too.

Surfers and Swimmers

Westone AQ Swim Plug

Ear infections can result from surfing, swimming, and other water activities. Repeated cold water and wind exposure can also have long-term effects: surfer's ear results from your body's natural defense against cold. Bony growths called exostoses form in your ear canals, gradually worsening and leading to chronic infections and eventually hearing impairment. If you're having a hard time getting water out of your ears then you might have surfer's ear. Exostoses can be removed surgically, but it's expensive and can keep you out of the water for over a month!

An inexpensive alternative is the routine use of ear plugs. Standard, one-size-fits-all earplugs can be uncomfortable, leaky, unattractive, and prevent you from hearing conversation. EAR Audiology provides comfortable, custom earplugs made to fit your ears, in your choice of color(s), and that don't prevent you from hearing conversation. These custom earplugs float and are available with wetsuit clips.

People with chronic eardrum perforations may also benefit from custom earplugs while bathing and swimming.

Motorcyclists and Motorsport Enthusiasts

Westone 4RT Motorcycle Ear Plugs

It's no surprise that motorcycles are loud, but did you know that riding one can result in hearing loss and tinnitus? Spectating at motorsport events or airshows can also expose you to sounds loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. There are several custom earplug options for you. Contact EAR Audiology to find out more.


Dentists, bartenders, landscapers, construction workers, and machinists are just a few examples of professionals exposed to damaging loud noise. Earplugs provide protection that can keep you working without noise-induced hearing loss or tinnitus for years to come. Custom earplugs protect you while balancing comfort, cosmetics, and sound quality. Some professionals such as law enforcers and pilots can also benefit from custom earpieces. You can even get a custom earpiece for your Bluetooth headset!


Do you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep due to noise around you? Whether you're trying to sleep with someone who snores or you're living next to a busy street, custom earplugs help comfortably reduce the noise so you can get some rest.